Food Motion Cooking Workshop Mexico

Food Motion Cooking Workshop® is a proposal that grew from a dream of Chef Alexandra Iserte, to offer high quality gourmet services in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We offer cooking classes, personal chef services, catering, and events.

One of the most interesting offers is the Personal Chef Service, which is specially designed for those that have a kitchen in their hotel or home, and would like it filled with delicious and healthy foods in a comfortable and private space. The Personal Chef, on a contract basis, can prepare meals full-time, weekly, or whenever the client wishes.

The menu is planned ahead of time to define your personal taste and needs. Food Motion Cooking Workshop takes care of all that is necessary: grocery shopping, preparation and cleanup, so that you can concentrate entirely on enjoying your meals.

The cooking classes take place at your home and are imparted for those who desire to learn from the hands of a professional, impress their significant other or guest with some delicious gourmet dinner, or simply to try something different and fun. Here the students begin selecting the menu to their taste with the help of an experienced Chef Instructor.

The specialty is Mexican Cuisine, but there are also courses of Asian, Mediterranean, Aphrodisiac, Vegetarian and Kids options.

Classes are approximately 3 hours long and focus on the preparation of a complete meal.

Chef Alexandra Iserte, creator of this interesting enterprise, has recognition in the culinary world thanks to her career and experience collaborating with some of the leaders in the industry. She formerly worked as a Chef in the luxury hotel, Grand Velas before creating Food Motion Cooking Workshop®, where she places her seal, highlighting quality, passion for excellence and love for cooking.

In Riviera Magazine Ed. Jun – Jul 11′