Tepoztlán + Mexico City + Mayan Riviera

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One weekend trip from the capital that rarely disappoints is that to gorgeous Tepoztlán, a wonderfully situated small town with a well-preserved historic center surrounded by soaring jagged cliffs just 80km south of Mexico City. As the birthplace of Quetzalcóatl, the omnipotent serpent god of the Aztecs, over 1200 years ago according to Mesoamerican legend, Tepoztlán is a major Náhuatl center and something of a Mecca for new-agers who believe the place has a creative energy. What is indubitable is that this pueblo mágico boasts an impressive pyramid, a great crafts market and a host of charming restaurants and hotels. It also retains indigenous traditions, with some elders still speaking Náhuatl and younger generations learning it in school, making it quite unlike most of the other towns ringing the Mexican capital.
Whether you’re living or vacationing in Tepoztlán, give your self the chance to try our workshops or personal chef services and get the full Mexican experience. Fresh, local food prepared just for you! Better and more affordable than eating out all the time! We also prepare Spanish, Asian, Italian, French, Mediterranean, Kosher, Kids, and Vegetarian/ Veggan. Come and experience with us a unique culinary experinece at one of the most beautiful towns in Mexico.


French poet André Breton famously called México the surrealist country par excellence, and the capital seems to revel in its strangeness. The city impresses visitors as a wonderfully weird and welcoming world, and captivates them with its year-round springlike climate, bubbling street life and abundant cultural offerings. Like any great metropolis, Mexico City presents a mosaic of scenes. One moment you’re knocking back tequila at a grand old cantina, the next you’re grooving to world-class DJs on a rooftop terrace. Breakfast on tamales and atole (a drink made from corn) from a street corner vendor, dine on fusion cuisine by one of Polanco’s acclaimed chefs. After an afternoon spent sharing the anguish of artist Frida Kahlo, watch masked wrestlers inflict pain on one another at the lucha libre (wrestling) arena downtown. This magnificent city rather than heading for the apocalypse, it now seems destined for a renaissance.



Here is where you can be seduced by an exquisite culinary tour, experiencing first hand the aromas and flavors that have emerged from Mother Earth as it renders tribute to nature in the guise of the regional cuisine prepared for your enjoyment, a gustatory treat inherited from the Mayans. Delight in the best of Mexican cooking as well as dishes prepared with the authentic recipes brought here from faraway land.
Towards the end of the day, you can be seduced once again, this time by the very exciting, cosmopolitan night life seasoned with a pinch of mystery and the array of rhythms found in all of the fun places to visit and enjoy, places devoted to the pure pleasure of seeing all that is going on around you while keeping yourself shrouded from view, as you prefer.

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“You don’t have to cook complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients”

– J. Child