My wife and I had a great time with Chef Alexandra, and thought it was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in Playa. The food wasn’t overly complicated to make and it tasted delicious!

-Chef Keith Hoare

Chef Alexandra allows you to be as hands on as you want. Her enthusiasm was contagious! When we left the workshop we started planning our next trip to Playa so we could learn more recipes!

-Chris Ware

Je suis presentement les cours de cuisine d´Alexandra car je ne connais non seulement pas la cuisine mexicaine, je ne sais tout simplement pas cuisiner. Elle m´a appris les base, est venue avec moi au supermarche pour m´apprendre les essentiels a tenir dans une cuisine. Le tout, offert par une femme extraordinaire qui est tres patiente et qui, avec tout son savoir, son experience et ses etudes en cuisine, pourra vous offrir une experience hors du commun. Et elle vous partagera tous ses secrets de cuisine pour vous simplifier la vie tout en creant une nourriture qui est hors du commun!

– Dominick Richard

Cooking with Chef Alexandra was a fun and delicious activity that the entire family could enjoy. Chef Alexandra was kind and patient when helping us cook our food. This activity brought my family together to accomplish making a great tasting meal in our own kitchen.

-Adam Frankel

I took part in a four-course dinner prepared by Alexandra from Food Motion, and I must say only once before in my life has food had such and elevating effect on my entire being. Very creative and surprising combinations, excellent presentation and divine taste. Also her good vibes and cheerful nature make the whole experience even better.

-Maria Nyman

Chef Alexandra has a very deep passion and love for culinary arts. Learning and cooking with her is extremely enjoyable because she authentically loves teaching people everything she knows. She is always welcoming and happy to answer any question in detail. It was a pleasure to learn from Chef Alexandra with her authentically caring nature.

– Joseph Rodrigues